The HelioTent

Worry-free sun protection and tanning tent

HelioTent - the anytime all-purpuse sun screen, beach mat and shadow place at the same time. A must-have if you want to enjoy a healthy tan and revitalizing sun enjoyment in a pleasant feel-good shade.
The built-in  HelioVital sun filter with proven 4-way features ensures:
- high efficient sun protection

- healthy and vitalizing tanning
- transparent comfort level shade
- eco-friendly and health beneficial.


Tanning without risk and sunburn


The incorporated HelioVital sun filter blocks harmful rays of the sunlight with nanometer accuracy, which are the causes of:
- Skin cancer
- Sunburn
- Premature skin aging

- collagen degrading and skin fold
- Sun allergy reactions
- Increased production of free radicals 


and regulates the sunlight for all types of skin without allergenic and polluting substances.


Tanning without allergies


HelioTent with its unique selective filtration minimizes allergies and reduces sunrays causing hypersensitivity, side-effects and interactions.


Tanning without sun cream

HelioTent is effective instantly, NO prior apply and re-apply of sun lotion is needed. Therefore no side effects such as hormonal influences can be derived from it. HelioBow, unlike sun lotion, protects ALL body parts, even your eyes, scalp and hair! SHOP


Tanning without sweating

HelioTent reduces IR rays that cause us to sweat, brings the temperature and nasty sweating down. Cooler shade allows you to enjoy the biopositive, vitalizing and tanning sunrays without the risks of heatrelated illnesses or fatigue.


Screen: HelioVital-SPF 10/IR**

Dimensions assembled: 92.5 x 51.2 x 41.4 in
Dimensions packed in carrying bag:

4.7 x 4.7 x 51.2 in

Scope of delivery: HelioTent, carrying bag, ropes, pegs, manual.

Weight: 9 lbs

Easy to use

HelioTent is also incredibly practical - in a bag everywhere it is carried along, quickly assembled and thus ready for your feel-good shade.                   SHOP