The worldwide unique sun filter

For your healthy skin


Simple window film?

Not in our case!




Commercially available window film and the glass of the window block a significant part of the UV rays.


That's different with us!


The HelioVital filter films absorb only the harmful UV rays, but allow the useful and healthy UV rays through. It means: tanning and vitamin D!


And much more:


· Protects the skin, hair and eyes

· For all skin types

· Healthy tanning without sunscreen

· Infrared reflection layer reduces heat radiation up to 70%

· Environmentally friendly without environmentally hazardous substances

· Without chemical and hormonal substances

· Without allergic reactions and side effects

           Application areas:



·       Terrace / balcony / pool roofing

·    Awning for kindergarten and school

·    building glazing 

·    Healthy vegetable and fruit shading 


The market of products with HelioVital

Filterfilms are world wide as:



·       Medical-technology product

·    Lifestyle-product

·    Medical-Wellness-product

           ·    building components





HelioVital produces some end products on behalf of the partners. HelioTent is the perfect wellness product for your Health.



·     Healthy tan without sunscreen

·     Available in blue and red

·     Easy and practically

·     About 3 minutes constructions

·     Weight: 4,4 kg.





HelioVital filterfilms

Tanning and sun protection film

HelioVital® is a multipurpose sun protection that can be used anywhere, anytime. A must-have, if you want healthy, vitalising sun enjoyment in pleasant and comfortable shade.  HelioVital® offers, thanks to infrared reduction, an invisible and beneficial level of cool shade – and this in direct sunlight. Thus, leaving you still fit and energic in the evenings. 

Tanning without environmental impact

HelioVital® filter films are completely free of emissions and pollutant substances, which can be released into the ecosystem, by conventional sun cream, through bathing or washing of clothes.


Tanning without risks

The use of HelioVital sun protection film blocks, with nanometre precision, the harmful rays responsible for the cause and development of skin cancer, sunburn and premature aging and development of wrinkles.

Tanning without sun cream

HelioVital® works immediately – in contrast to sun cream – and makes the annoying application of cream, unnecessary. Additionally, it offers protection to areas such as eyes and hair, where sun cream cannot offer protection. 


Tanning without allergies

HelioVital® reduces – through selective filtration – allergenic, as well as side effects and interactions of relevant radiation, thus substantially reducing the risks of allergies.