The HelioTent

Tanning and sun protection film

HelioVital® is a multipurpose sun protection that can be used anywhere, anytime. A must-have, if you want healthy, vitalising sun enjoyment in pleasant and comfortable shade.  HelioVital® offers, thanks to infrared reduction, an invisible and beneficial level of cool shade – and this in direct sunlight. Thus, leaving you still fit and energic in the evenings. 

Tanning without environmental impact

HelioVital® filter films are completely free of emissions and pollutant substances, which can be released into the ecosystem, by conventional sun cream, through bathing or washing of clothes.

Tanning without risks

The use of HelioVital sun protection film blocks, with nanometre precision, the harmful rays responsible for the cause and development of skin cancer, sunburn and premature aging and development of wrinkles.

Tanning without allergies

HelioVital® reduces – through selective filtration – allergenic, as well as side effects and interactions of relevant radiation, thus substantially reducing the risks of allergies. 

Tanning without sun cream

HelioVital® works immediately – in contrast to sun cream – and makes the annoying application of cream, unnecessary. Additionally, it offers protection to areas such as eyes and hair, where sun cream cannot offer protection. 

Enjoy filtered sun everywhere with the HelioTent

The HelioTent® with its proven sun filter film from HelioVital® – guarantees highly efficient sun protection, instant tanning and transparent, yet still cool and comfortable shade. Additionally, its environmentally friendly and beneficial to health.


HelioTent®: extremely practical –portable in a single bag and easily set up.



Screen: HelioVital-SPF 10/IR**

Dimensions assembled: 92.5 x 51.2 x 41.4 in
Dimensions packed in carrying bag:

4.7 x 4.7 x 51.2 in

Scope of delivery: HelioTent, carrying bag, ropes, pegs, manual.

Weight: 9 lbs